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Easy Spicy Vegan Scramble

Scrambled eggs is one of those traditional breakfast dishes everybody craves. Unless of course you’re vegan, then eggs are off limits. Perfect opportunity to try this! Christie over at Opportunity Awakened has created an “Eas [...]

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Ruth over at Makey-Cakey has whipped up – great name for a blog by the way – an “Anti-Cheesecake.” Exactly what is an Anti-Cheesecake? It’s sorta cheesecake, but also kinda not cheesecake. Ruth calls it a pudding. Either way, [...]

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Brownie Batter Dip

Kimiscooking found this great recipe for a “Brownie Batter Dip.” It’s a chocolate lover’s dream and would go great with fresh strawberries, vanilla wafers, graham crackers, even pretzels! It’s simple to make. Basically, you j [...]

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