Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day with Tofutti Cuties!

Did you know tomorrow is “National Ice Cream Sandwich Day?” Go on, Google it…no joke. In celebration of this most joyous occasion, Sarah-Jean, The Fashionable House Wife, talks all about Tofutti’s very own mini ice cream sandwiches, better known as dairy free Tofutti Cuties. Not only does she dig the taste, but Sarah-Jean thinks they’re a life saver for the lactose intolerant. Here’s a bit of what she wrote: Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day with Tofutti Cuties! Millions of people suffer from lactose related problems, including myself, so luckily the people at Tofutti are here to help. Tofutti products are sold in more than 20,000 stores across the country. I almost always find them in my local grocery stores like Stop & Shop and Shaws. This Friday head to your local grocery and pick up a few boxes of Tofutti Cuties and try out the tasty and fun recipes below! You can enjoy Tofutti products whether you are lactose intolerant or not! And I know you’re probably thinking, “OMG NOT TOFU!” but seriously, this stuff is GOOD! Thanks, Sarah-Jean! Be sure to check out Sarah-Jean’s blog, she serves up great recipes using Cuties, like “Blushing Tofutti Cuties” and “Tofutti Happy Cuties.” You cut up your favorite Cutie and drizzle the pieces with raspberry syrup or coat them in chocolate sauce and roll the pieces in rice crispes. Delicious! Also, give this “Chocolate-Peanut Butter-Banana-Tofutti Cutie Shake” from Little Vegan Eats a whirl. You actually blend up a Tofutti Cutie to make it. Now that is thinking outside the Cuties box! Dairy free Tofutti Cuties come in seven flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies’N Cream, Key Lime Pie, Mint Chocolate Chip, Totally Vanilla, and Wild Berry. Via The Fashionable Housewife. UPDATE: Thanks to OCfoodies and She’s All Smiles for showing Tofutti some love too!

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