Vanilla noodle kugel with Tofutti

Just The Food puts a new spin on a traditional favorite, making a Sweet Noodle Kugel. Kugel is a baked pudding with Jewish roots. It’s like a pie or maybe a casserole. Anyway, this vegan kugel is made with Tofutti! It’s quite the mix of ingredients… You take one pound of linguini and mix it with non-dairy margarine, non-dairy yogurt, evaporated cane juice, cinnamon, vanilla extract, dried fruit (like raisins or pineapple), and Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese and Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream. Wow, a twofer! You might not be able to go for a jog after eating a big hearty slice of this thing, but it sure does look good. Nice job, Joni! Keep checking Tofutti Foodie for more recipes. Via Just The Food.

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